GT3-R Sim Racing Cockpit


Sold Out

Our GT3-R Model its super solid and fully adjustable sim racing chassis with no compromises.

Main features:

  • Custom wheel-deck made from 5mm thick Aluminum and fully Adjustable on tilt and height

  • Custom pedal plate solid enough even for Heusinkveld Sprint pedal set and compatible with Fanatec Clubsport + CLS pedals, Thrustmaster and Logitech pedals.

  • Shifter Mount with side bar support bar that prevent any flex and remain adjustable on height.

Compatible with:

  • Fanatec Clubsport, Podium series, CSL Elite (pedals and wheels), 

  • Simagik Direct Drive  M10 and Alpha

  • Logitech G25/G27/G29,

  • Thrustmaster T500RS/T300,

*Special add-on will be available for MiGe servo’s and  Simucube 2 Sport, Pro  and ultimate